Harmon Clarke

Harmon’s Crohn's Disease has limited his ability to be a whole person. In 2000, he was given a health sentence that he did not expect or even know how to accept. Not only was he challenged with Crohn's, but also with a form of ulcerated colitis and eventually diabetes. At such a young age, Harmon did not have a clue what would be in store for his health, for years to come. Stress, confusion, and disease flareups became a way of life. Working with a complicated healthcare system became a way of life. He had no idea how his health was going to deteriorate in the best years of his life. Truly, he did not know what he was about to experience. Goodness, there was not a roadmap for his next years of health challenges.
In 2017, Harmon tried virtual reality for the first time while hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  He was instantly excited about the potential medical benefits it could provide. He is now using VR to help manage his pain, decrease stress, and overcome his needle phobia. Harmon will discuss his first-hand experiences of using VR as a patient and looks forward to discussing his views on the role of VR in helping to manage a complex, chronic disease like Crohn's.