Jason Lieberman

Jason Lieberman was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy at 11 months old. This lifelong condition has led to involuntary muscle tightness, movement, and weakness throughout my body. After a recent surgery to repair a hiatal hernia, unrelated to the cerebral palsy, my spasticity while unrelated to the hernia made it impossible for me to safely transfer from bed, sit or perform other activities of daily living safely enough to leave a hospital setting, or even hope for improvement. After 2 weeks at rusk rehabilitation at  New York University Langone Health, my rehabilitation team thankfully decided to think outside the box and approach the spastic tone in a combination of untraditional, more neuropsychological approach. One of the tools we used and I continued to use is applied vr. While it was only part of this approach I and my doctors and therapists are convinced that without this critical use of the technology my hospital rehabilitation stay and my ultimate recovery which is an ongoing process would have taken longer if it happened at all.