Amy Hedrick, CEO

Amy Hedrick is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Cleanbox Technology. Her strategy for building a thriving business by solving a real-world problem, and her vision for creating a global impact brand with reach across multiple industries, has grown the company from an idea to a multi-million dollar global business in two short years. Hedrick and her Co-Founder David Georgeson, both visionaries in the immersive tech space, worked in tandem to build the vision behind Cleanbox into a thriving business. 

Hedrick’s execution of the company’s vision has established Cleanbox as a brand trusted by its many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients.

Hedrick is a thought leader in the applications of immersive technology as industry disruptors, and brings innovation ideas and new market opportunities to Cleanbox’s smart tech hygiene product lines. She has led multiple teams from project inception and funding, to planning and execution, proving herself an effective leader in multiple industries over the past decade.

Immediately prior to funding and incorporating Cleanbox in 2018, Hedrick served as Manager of Content and Digital Media for the think tank division of Li and Fung, a leading global consumer goods sourcing and manufacturing company based in Hong Kong. Her expertise included bespoke research and C-level reports on technology. Hedrick was one of four writers for the Fung Business Intelligence Center (FBIC). It was this immersion that inspired the business idea that would eventually lead to Cleanbox.

Hedrick spent her early career working with international aid organizations, managing multiple teams of 50-150 healthcare, construction, and emergency intervention professionals, and overseeing direct-aid projects around the world, including fundraising in profit and non-profit sectors. In addition, she worked in the film industry raising funds and managing budgets for content creation and production. 

Hedrick currently serves on various VRARA committees including; Women’s, Healthcare,  Enterprise, Safety & Security as well as the Advisory Board for the International Virtual Reality Healthcare Association, and recently contributed to a book “Applied Virtual Reality in Healthcare”, a compilation of thought leaders in XR, published by Robert Fine.

Hedrick has been named one of Analytics Insight Magazine’s “The 10 Most Impactful Women in Technology 2020.”