Richard Hart, MD, FRCSC
Founder/CEO NextGen Surgery

Dr. Hart was recruited to St Joseph's Health Centre, a teaching hospital within the Dept of Surgery, University of Toronto in 2001, to establish a specialized multidisciplinary Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic surgical service. Within eight years, having developed into a tertiary care referral centre and one of the busiest services in the province, all as a single surgeon, the hospital was awarded the designation HPB "Centre of Excellence" by Cancer Care Ontario. Dr Hart credits the commitment, dedication, and discipline of everyone involved in the team for helping deliver exceptional patient outcomes with operative morbidity and mortality rates consistent with the best centres in the world.  In addition, Dr Hart was actively involved in the education and training of residents, fellows and practicing surgeons, organizing and providing expert opinion for multidisciplinary tumour boards and educational rounds as well as contributing to clinical research within the Division of Surgery.

With a passion for teaching the requisites of elite performance, his focus has turned to surgical innovation and simulation with the creation of NextGen Surgery, a platform based on the concept that surgeons are elite performers, often compared with high performance athletes where mind-body awareness, the integration of the central and autonomic nervous system in the service of self-regulation and adaptability to create stress resiliency, is the key to success. These are principals and practices he was taught as an athlete while competing and representing Canada in sport and carried through his own surgical training, understanding that the best skilled technician in the world in any domain will not achieve mastery if they can’t self regulate in critical moments. At NextGen Surgery, we are applying psychophysiological testing and training using biometric data capture and brain computer interfaces to enable you to gain control of mind body states normally outside of conscious awareness and then teaching the skills to access and transfer these states from the controlled simulation environment into the uncontrolled performance environment. The mission of NextGen is to transform how physicians, surgeons and nurses, elite performers who populate the field of healthcare are trained for the cognitive, emotional, physiological, and physical skills required to deliver optimum performance when it matters most, during the critical moments inherent in every procedure that directly impacts patient safety and surgical outcomes.