Misty Williams
Patient Advocate

Misty Williams is a 40 year old sickle cell patient who comes from a huge family, the oldest of 12 out of 14 children. She was the only one born with full-blown Sickle Cell in her family. As a child Misty had a lot of responsibilities and even with that became a spokesperson for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles at the age of 5 years old.

Misty not only advocates but is now the president and founder of her own organization.
With a nursing background as a CAN in Los Angeles, California at the age of 19 she went on to move to Las Vegas, Nevada where she entered a private program for LVN.

She now resides back in California where she has shifted over to becoming an executive chef: building her own company Inevitable Creations Catering. Misty has been blessed, catering top filming and music studios, designers and sports teams, which inspires and helps her to advocate more. She works to bring more awareness, so people can help carry the Sickle Cell Disease legacy and teach others of the disease to ultimately find a solution with a universal cure.