Gideon Blumstein, MD, MS
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Gideon Blumstein MD MS is currently a chief orthopaedic surgery resident at UCLA. While in residency, he spent an additional training year as an NIH T-32 postdoctoral research fellow, investigating advanced imaging techniques for the diagnosis of orthopaedic implant and prosthetic joint infection, utilizing novel small-molecule probes. His clinical research interests include surgical training, evidence-based surgical and medical education, and the development of objective methods for evaluating and integrating emerging technology in orthopaedic surgery. His is interested in the role of VR and AR in orthopaedic surgery as tools objectively assess resident proficiency and develop custom training programs based on individual trainee needs. Upon graduating from UCLA orthopaedic residency program this year, he will complete his spine surgery fellowship at Rush University, where he plans to continue his research into VR and AR applications in spine surgery.