Danielle Collins, MSW, CEO

Born in Atlanta and a current resident of Washington DC, Danielle Collins' career has spanned a variety of industries including public relations, real estate and social work. Her career trajectory pivoted when she underwent surgery for a life-threatening brain bleed in 2017. It was then that Danielle experienced the power of Virtual Reality medical technology powered by a company named Surgical Theater. This traumatic life event served as a catalyst propelling her mission to ensure all patients have access to medical AR/VR technology. Danielle is a proud founding member and Chief Experience Officer for the Empower360 Foundation – transforming patient engagement by providing vital funds to facilitate access to the most advanced Virtual and Augmented Reality 360 medical technology regardless of socioeconomic status. Danielle holds a Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Maryland with a concentration in Employee Assistance Programs and a Bachelor of Journalism/Advertising from the University of Georgia.