Our Favorite VR Apps

There are now thousands of VR programs that claim to provide health and wellness benefits. Our team has culled the wheat from the chaff and selected programs that meet our high standards, meaning the programs are supported by either published studies or have shown benefits with our own patients. In the list, below, we present VR programs in alphabetical order and provide a brief description for each one. We will expand this list over time as we test out more software. Contact us if you have a recommendation for other evidence-based therapeutic programs for us to consider including in our list.

Important note: Please be sure to review all instructions provided with your VR headset before using the device. This list of programs is not designed to serve as medical advice or to make diagnoses. Therapeutic VR is not right for everyone and may cause side effects. We are providing this resource as a convenience to our visitors, but you should always speak with your doctor if you have questions about your condition, its treatment, or the appropriateness of therapeutic VR.

The RX icon indicates that a doctor’s prescription is required to obtain the software. Please click the envelope icon to get in touch with each company for more information about obtaining their software. Always discuss with your doctor if a therapy is right for you.